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The heartwood is mostly pale brown to deep dark brown. Colors can sometimes appear more grayish depending on the tree itself. The contrast between heartwood and sapwood is heavy due to the nearly white color of sapwood. The grain is usually straight but can be also irregular which can create attractive figures in the wood pattern.


Overall this wood is the one to go for if you like darker wood with nice patterns and colors. After finishing with oil, beautiful dark drawings can appear on the pieces revealing the, sometimes hidden, beauty of this wood. If the sapwood is integrated in the piece it creates beautiful contrast and figuring.


Because Walnut is a tree that grows fairly slow, it is hard to find big slabs of this type of wood (+80cm wide). When big slabs are available, their full potential is best expressed if used to create large massive tables that are of astonishing beauty. These are perfect for conference rooms and hotel lobbies.


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