Jera Wood is a company founded in 2019 by Op de Beeck Jeroen. Having a Belgium background in both design and carpenter skills, Jeroen starts living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country with untapped possibilities in the wood industry. Since its foundation, the aim of the company is to combine the best of both worlds and to deliver fresh concepts in furniture design and building. As a young company, Jera Wood is trying to make its way in the furniture design landscape primarily targeting the Balkan and wider European regions. 


The evolution of the idea to start a company involved a quest for which direction to take. The exploration of several possibilities led to new discoveries that broaden the horizons and expanded the general knowledge. The maturation process between the idea and official foundation of the company resulted in the definition of a strong vision for the company that reflects what it really stands for and what it will bring out to the world. Years of practice brought sophisticated skills required for making handmade furniture and the strict decision to always go for quality rather than quantity.



The logo and company name are derived from a Norse rune - a character of the written language of ancient Northern tribes. I believe that ancient people draw wisdom and knowledge because they lived closer to nature. The inspiration that I found in the symbolism of the runes, created my logo and company name. This rune means:

“ Jera is the rune of patience and effort. Herin lay the deepest secret and greatest power of human progress and individual success. Talent and ingenuity may get us so far, but to build something lasting or to harvest a bountiful reward, planning, patience and hard work are the single key ingredients. We must spend our time wisely if we are to have a lasting accomplishment.”

The wisdom behind the Jera rune is projected onto the company name symbolizing  that hard and dedicated work is always rewarded, even though sometimes one will have to wait and be patient to see the result. Jera Wood strives to work with this attitude. Note also that the pronunciation of the rune matches a nickname of the company founder Jeroen Op de Beeck, which is an additional motive for the choice of the company name.

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