I completed the MSc study in Product Design at the University of Antwerp where I acquired broad knowledge and necessary skills that are vital for a complete design process: from product idea to its realization. My biggest passion has always been furniture design since I have been practicing furniture building from an early age with my father who is a carpenter.


After working a few years as a more technical designer, I felt an intrinsic, strong need to get back to furniture design and woodworking. Apart to be involved in the design part, I also wanted to create pieces with my hands, that would allow me not only to see a product develop on a paper, but follow its creation till the end.

When I moved to Bosnia and Herzegovina I saw my chance to realize my dream and this is how I started with Jera Wood, a company where I can combine my designer skills with the physical work of making wooden furniture.

As a designer I aim to keep developing myself, opening to new views and ideas by applying a lifelong learning strategy. I strive for perfection through dedication and practice. We are surrounded by many opportunities to learn and to acquire new knowledge, very often from unexpected places and situations but only if we are awaken enough. Being awaken means developing consciousness that is one of my life goals in general.

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Jeroen Op de Beeck
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