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We hope that the website inspired you and that it gave a clear picture of what Jera wood stands for. Although the main focus of the company is to work on bigger pieces such as tables, closets, and benches, Jera Wood does also custom design for clients.

Custom design goes from just constructing the perfect table that will fit with the other furniture pieces in the room, up to arranging the whole interior. If you are interested in a table or other pieces on demand, please take a look at our slab library to see which kind of wood slabs are currently available. After choosing the right piece for the right purpose, we can make the perfect design for you. 

If you are not sure about the choice of wood type for your furniture piece, take a look here. The information contained in the link can help you to decide. 

Most of the presented designs can be adapted to customers' demands and needs. If you are interested in an order, send a contact form with the title of the piece of interest and we will get back to you.  Delivery is possible within Bosnia and Herzegovina, throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Some furniture pieces are available from our stock (if so, it is mentioned below the description of the furniture piece). Products we have very often in stock : coffee tables, cutting boards, serving traysbabystandbaby rattle.

We also like to point out that we can personalize most of the products that are offered with engravings of logos, names or similar. For any further questions concerning pricing, ordering, or custom design, feel free to contact us.

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